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What is greenpaca?

Greenpaca is a platform that helps you discover green startups. These green startups are suggested by our community of users and are approved by the greenpaca team before they are listed.

You can suggest green startups and thereby become a hunter. You can give green startups some love by upvoting them, which adds the startup to your personal list of favorites, and lets you become a gatherer of green startups you care about.

If you’re a founder of one of the green startups on greenpaca, you can claim ownership of your startup and add more information. You will then be shown as an owner on our platform.

We help owners drive their mission further by giving them the option to highlight that they are looking for team members or funding.

What is a paca?

A paca is a rodent species that is found in South America. It is not a cool, shorter name for alpacas. Pacas live close to water, in forests or on mountains – literally areas that are green and very important for our planet.

That was one of the reasons we chose to name our platform after this animal. The other reason was that pacas are not very well-known (unlike alpacas), which is sadly also the case for many green startups.

With greenpaca, our mission is to put a spotlight on green startups, who might get lost in the crowd just like our dear rodent friends.